Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Birthday Girl !

Today, 7 years ago, I gave birth to this little bundle of joy:

She arrived 4 weeks was a long but easy in the end epidural !! and after being told mid pregnancy that we were having a boy, her arrival was a big surprise !!! but nevertheless a lovely one !! I wanted a girl !! But, we didnt have a name and my hospital bag was packed full of navy clothes!

She arrived on April 1st (April's fool day) so when we told everybody that the baby was born and "he" was a girl, people didnt believe us ! LOL !!!

My lovely girl had a slow start in life, her 4 weeks premature life made her stay in the hospital a bit longer than expected :o( I used to drive back and forth to the hospital and as often as I could, it was hard going...until the day we finally brought her home...awwww....

Her Christening:

Chocolate addict from a young age:

Always mischievious:

At the age of 3 she cut her own hair very short !! {ouch !!!}

My lovely girl at 7:

Today, we're having a small family celebration.

Love you sweetie...mmuuuuaaahhh !!


Kiki x

Friday, 12 March 2010

Cards & Crochet

I have been the worst blogger in the world...I have no excuse ! But in a way I havent been very crafty active lately...but I do have some cards to show you...let's start with the Valentine's card I made for Hubbie:

Then, I was a asked to make:
2 Baby Cards:

2 Birthday Cards:

And a New Home Card:
All the images make sense to the recieptient :o) And the person who ordered this card loved it that much that paid me double for it !!!

Over the next few days, I have to make a 50th Birthday male card, and put together J's Birthday party invitations.

BUT, I have been busy crochetting !! Im completely hooked !!!! (no pun intended !!) I have been getting patterns online, buying them in Etsy and You Tube'ing stitches !! I made J a lovely hat, but turned out too small, so I made her another one...then a scarf ! then I made these:

And Im currently working on this:

Got the pattern from this blog: Attic24

And I have been soooo sick of being sick !! a few weeks ago I had something like a headcold/sinus, my ears were blocked and I was very close to bang my head against the walls !!! Then I got better....but last Sunday we went for a swim, and I felt water had gone into my nose, even though I wear a nose plug and ear plugs ! and on Monday, this sinus thingie started again ! on Tuesday I couldnt get out of bed, I had a bit of temperature but my whole body was in pain ! I didnt bring the girls to school, and spent nearly the entire day in bed !!! I have taken a cocktail of meds and hoping to get better asap, but I realise now that my swimming days are over ! that *&%$^£ swimming pool water is overly chlorinated and I cant stand strong chemicals :o( Im now struggling with an earache and sore throat, apart from the sinus congestion..not funny at all !


KIki x