Tuesday, 8 September 2009

A Bunch of cards !

I haven't blogged in a few weeks...ooopps ! But I have been busy crafty wise. I have started building up my stock for a Christmas Craft Fair Im attending in November. I have been making christmas cards ! I will be busy over the next 5-6 weeks with the rest of the projects. I won't be posting photos here of what Im making at the moment, but I promise a photo of the whole lot closer to November :o)

I have also made some personalised cards, these are for my biggest fan ! LOL ! She orders an average of 5-6 a month or so.

This first card is my submission to this week's Paperplay Challenge. I had the card finished when I checked this week's challenge, and funnily enough, I had initially planned on using leftover letters for the name, but since the name is kinda long, I changed my mind, it wasn't gonna fit, but already had some odd letters I was gonna use. My client has loved the scrabble letters, so I decided to use them again. (Im starting to like scrabble letters).

This card is very similar I made recently, but my client liked it so much that she asked for another one to give to somebody else:

This is for a male Teacher. He is into music, travel, and used to to teach in Zambia, hence the map of Africa:

This is for a Zambian Nun to be...so the card is kinda Graduation card :o)

For another Zambian Nun to be:

And this last one is for a Priest who is celebrating his 50th Priesthood Anniversary. My client asked for a "non religious" card, but a friendship one instead:


Kiki x