Thursday, 29 January 2009

6x6 Album

Im after finishing 3 baby albums. As much I love the final product...They are hard work !!!

I was asked to put the pics in one of them. Here it is:
(faces are blurred to protect privacy)

I had these cards done a few weeks ago; along with a few others that I didnt take photos of since I used old sketches.

Now, I have to make some baby cards...and after that, some Valentine's !!


Kiki x

NOTE: I make these albums for sale. If anybody is interested, please drop me a line. My email is on my profile.

Tuesday, 20 January 2009

What a weekend !!

Went to Belfast on Friday to bring the girls to see HSM on Ice, it was a surprise. We told them we were going to a friends party, which was HSM themed. When we arrived to the Arena, they started to feel there was something not right, my eldest said to me "I think there is gonna be a show at the party " :o) we were nearly at our seats when we told them the surprise, they were thrilled !!!

After the show we went for some retail therapy, and OMG the bargains we got !!! Came back home with our car packed !!

On Saturday we headed first to the Disney Store and then the rest of the day to W5, such an amazing place !!! I swear my my brain was aching with all the learning !! The girls loved it !!!

On Friday night we told the girls the weekend was their weekend....HSM, Disney Store, W5, etc... cos sometimes parents want to make the weekends specials for their sometimes parents want to spend their weekends on their own too. When I mentioned on Saturday that I wanted to take a look at the craft shops, my youngest quicky reminded me it was THEIR weekend !!!

Anyway, I hope to have an excuse soon to go back to Belfast again !!!

I have to take some pics of my recent cards. And as usual Im busy in that area. Have 3 baby albums to make, another card order and 2 personalised cards.


Kiki x

Monday, 5 January 2009

New Year !!!

After hectic I am again. Trying to go back to some normality...getting up at human times, that'll be a start :o)

My New Year's word is:

I want to BELIEVE I can do whatever I put my mind to. I tell my girls everyday to believe in themselves, so I want to BELIEVE in myself everyday too.

During these holidays, I finished some projects I wanted to get out of the way...the 2 Donna Downey's classes:

Watercolour Mini Album and 100 eyelets or die trying !

I had also purchased Donna's x-mas mini album, it is cute and quite quick to put together:

And this one too....this one was designed by Jennifer Stewart. This was a class kit, and I thought it was gonna take me forever to complete, but I was wrong, it took me an evening. It is an absolutely beatiful home decor, with lights and all, Im very proud of it, absolutely love it !!

The year is only starting and Im already busy!! but I dont complain :) I have a CJ to complete, a 60 cards order, a Christening card, and 3 personalised baby mini albums !! I think these will be my January projects, then Valentine cards !!!


Kiki x