Friday, 30 May 2008

I've been out of action !!

This little lady has been in hospital since Monday with a huge tooth abcess. She's in 3 different antibiotics and the swollen cheek has gona done quite a lot. She's in good form and coming home on Saturday !!!

Still have loads of crafty things to do !! but they are on hold till this lady comes home.

Thursday, 22 May 2008

Twins Birthday Card

I spent half of the day unpacking new goodies I got from Stampingbella (I love their products soooo much !!) and from Frantic Stamper...loads of stamps, embellies for an akward card, Pizzazil and more grungeboard !! Oh, and then I tackled the messy EZ-mount for my new stamps !!
By the way, both of these companies have a great customer service !! highly reccomended !

I had an order for a card for twin girls on their 1st birthday, so I had ordered the stamp used on this card from Stampingbella. 1 year old's are still babies but not newborns, so I find it hard to find the right aproach to them. Now I own an appropiate stamp (a baby girl and a boy too !!)
I can't wait for my Mini Studio to arrive !


Kiki x

Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Cupcake Bella !

Isn't she gorgeous? I used Lythan's dooling technique and I loved it !!! I used the liquid applique on the cream of the cupcake, it looks "puffy" and yummy !! LOL !!


Kiki x

Lythan's doodling tutorial

Monday, 19 May 2008

Baby Boy Card

This is a card I made a few weeks ago for a friend who had a baby boy after having 4 girls !

On thay day I recieved in my e-mail Erika Martin's Weekly Tutorial, so I used it straight away! It is meant to resemble a Patchwork design...but I should had made the topper a bit smaller to be able to see the detail live and learn ! The stamps is from Paper Salon.
I am working on a card at the moment using one of my bella stamps, but Im using liquid applique, which it takes a lot of hours to dry, so I'll show you the final card tomorrow.
I'm also putting together my handbad cards that I sell to a shop in Dublin. I'm giving myself a full week to work on these, Im making 50 !
Kiki x

Saturday, 17 May 2008

I've just bought a Mini Studio !!

Im so excited !! I wanted to get one of these long time ago, and after browsing the net up and down, found what I wanted !! yipeee !!! It's for taking GOOD pics of my cards.
You will see the difference when I get it :o)

Thursday, 15 May 2008

Baby Cards

Hi....sorry I've been MIA in Blogland ! but I have been busy ! and finding it hard to stay indoors with the glorious weather we are having lately !! it doesnt last long in this country !!

The Christening card is for Jani's niece in Norway. I wasnt given much time to put it together, so I used a template I found in UKScrappers for the Craftrobo. The letters I bought them in Woodies !! they are doing crafty stuff lately !

Cushla is a baby living Down Under !! and her auntie is gonna visit her for her 1st Birthday in June. I had to make these 2 cards different. Again, used letters I found in Woodies, and the rest I cut with the Craftrobo.


Kiki x

Saturday, 10 May 2008

The last Wedding Card for this couple (I hope !) and a 21st B-day Card

Well, dont intend to bore anybody, but I was asked to make another card for the couple getting married in Greece...this one will be from the bride's brothers. The stamp is from Stampendous.

The other card is for the Bride's brother who is turning 21 next week. In Ireland to turn 21 is a big thing, big party, etc... It would be like turning 15 in Costa Rica, where we usually have a big party too. Sean is into "Texas Hold'em" Poker, so I was asked this to be the theme. Of course I didn't have anything for that, but thanks to my lovely network of crafty friends Orla, who gave me the mini cards & Karen, who gave me some poker chips, I was able to put it together, and I love how it turned out !!!

Have a nice rest of the weekend !!!


Kiki x

Thursday, 8 May 2008

Birthday Card and another Christening

I've been busy...nothing new though. LOL !

The days have been super sunny and temperatures have reached over 20 degrees C .... this doesn't happen often in Ireland ! So I think Angela's card was inspired on the weather :o) I used the lovely Crate Paper and Prima flowers. A bit of Tim Holtz Grungeboard and Cuttlebug embossing folder.
The Christening card is for a boy,and even though I have used a robe for boys in the past, I particularly dont like it, so if no special requests, I make it my own way, and I'm quite happy how this one turned out.
The "Mother of the Bride" came to collect her cards yesterday, and she asked for 2 more, possibly 3, for next week !! And she always wants to have some imput in what she wants, and I feel it restricts me a bit...anyway, I have to make a card for a 21st B-day man who is into Poker. I spent hours on the net looking for embellishments or ideas, but I wont have time to order anything to arrive on time, so in the end I decided I will make the embelishments myself.
So, I'm off to work now...
Kiki x

Tuesday, 6 May 2008

A Baby Card !

I had such a hectic weekend !!! I've been on my feet all day since Saturday ! But the Party was a total success...we had glorious weather (unusual for Ireland, hehe) and the kids had loads of fun !! That's what's all about !!!

I didnt think I was gonna have the energy to think on how to put together this card...but I just made it simple, and I like the way it came together, those miniature clothes are sooo cute !!


Cya tomorrow,

Kiki x

Friday, 2 May 2008

Wedding Card # 2

Finally got this one finished !! And I'm quite pleased with it.

I'm having terrible problems taking the pictures, the flash bounced back from the shimmer card.

Hope you like this version of the White and "Greek Blue" card.

I used my lovely "stamping bella" stamp, cuttlebug embossing folder for the background and the card is from Daintree...I love the quality of their card, it is over 250 grm !

I won't be cardmaking over the weekend because that is the time I spend with my family, besides, Monday is a bank holiday and we are having a party at eldest daughter is 8 !!! So, I will be busy during the way or another !!! LOL !!

Might come to post some pics of the party, so my family and friends in Costa Rica can take a fresh look at them.

Have a nice weekend everybody !!!

Kiki x

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Thursday, 1 May 2008

Wedding Card # 1

Finally got it together !
I was asked to make this card using blue because this couple live and are getting married in Greece.
This card is from the mother of the bride...she said to me "make it very nice because she's my only daughter". So with that in mind, I knew I had to make an outstanding card LOL !!

I had never done an A5 trifold, but since I found out that the nice heavy cardstock I get at my local print shop comes in A2, I had to give it a go !

I had to google "Greek Blue" to have an idea of what sort of blue I was meant to use. Both these shades of blue seem to be popular, even together; and that's why I used them.

The lovely poem I put inside (thanks to google) printed it on acetate, so it looks really sleek.

The inside blank is for the mother to write on it.

Fingers crossed she's gonna like it !

I have to make another Wedding card for the same couple. A friend of theirs asked for it. Will give it a go tomorrow. It will be a normal A5 card though.


Kiki x