Thursday, 28 May 2009

Cards & Cupcakes

I hadnt had a chance to take a pic of the card I made for my daughter's communion. And today, I got everything ready, dropped one of my mini studio lights on the ground and one bulb smashed ! so I couldnt use the lights, apologies for the bad quality photos.

These were a couple of Sympathy cards I've made recently:

And since my mother has been here, we have been visiting kitchen gadgets shops :o) and I bought a rose mould for cupcakes and today I had a go at using it:

My mother suggested cutting the dome of the cupcake for a better fit, and it does makes a difference :

Im planning on making cupcakes like the ones above to give to teachers at the end of school year. I bought lovely carry this space !!

My parents are going back home on Sunday :o(


KIki x

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

1st Holy Communion

Thank God the day is over !! phew !!

We had about 50 people for lunch on the day, and unfortunately the weather was very bad, so kids had to stay inside most of the time. I had prepared tons of food...and I was glad to hear people were full !!

So, here's my Princess on her special day:

With both sets of grandparents; quite an unusual ocassion !

The cake, which I baked and decorated, and was delish !! :o)

I still have to take a pic of the card I made for her. Things here with my parents have been hectic, we are out everyday.

I still have to finish a 70 cards order!!


Kiki x

Monday, 11 May 2009

70th Birthday Cards

I made these 2 cards recently:

Now, Im off to collect my parents from the airport !!

I still havent finished a shop order...but I HAVE TO over the next few days.


Kiki x

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Birthday Girl

During the weekend we celebrated this girl's 9th Birthday:

The "crafty birthday" idea was quite a success !! they loved it !! Most of them didnt finish the albums, but very little was left to do at home, mostly add the last embellishments.

I made my girl, the Hannah Montana fan, this card:
It's a waterfall card.

And yesterday we brought her to see "Hannah Montana" The Movie...which I must admit, it was good !!

On a different note, I changed the image on the card for Sister Molly, since hubby kept saying she looked like a man with a mustache, this new image makes her more a woman:

I'll be making 2 wedding cards today, orders for personalised ones. Then I have 2 Communion cards to make, and after that I have to finish a biggish order to one of my shop clients.


Kiki x