Thursday, 28 May 2009

Cards & Cupcakes

I hadnt had a chance to take a pic of the card I made for my daughter's communion. And today, I got everything ready, dropped one of my mini studio lights on the ground and one bulb smashed ! so I couldnt use the lights, apologies for the bad quality photos.

These were a couple of Sympathy cards I've made recently:

And since my mother has been here, we have been visiting kitchen gadgets shops :o) and I bought a rose mould for cupcakes and today I had a go at using it:

My mother suggested cutting the dome of the cupcake for a better fit, and it does makes a difference :

Im planning on making cupcakes like the ones above to give to teachers at the end of school year. I bought lovely carry this space !!

My parents are going back home on Sunday :o(


KIki x


  1. Beautiful cards Kiki & yummy looking cakes - I love the rose mould.
    I bet the teachers are glad to be teaching your children!!

  2. Oh, these cupcakes look very yummy indeed.
    Beautiful cards too - sympathy cards must be hard to make and yours are perfect.

  3. Me again, I have left you a little something on my blog Kiki.

  4. My name is Ysabel congratulations for the job are you realizing, please I beg your pardon because my English is not so good, but believe me I enjoy very much your creations. Thanks a lot for giving people to share your ideas. May
    God bless you,