Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Yummy Cupcakes !!

I've spent the morning making these:

They're for the school teachers & staff and the bus driver. Thank God tomorrow is the last day of school!! Yohooo !! (the ones of the photo are the leftovers for the house, cos the rest are all boxed for tomorrow).

And hopefully the weather will continue dry and sunny, cos I have planned this summer to do a lot of outdoor activities with the girls, and leave the crafts and cooking for the bad/rainy days.


Kiki x

Friday, 25 June 2010

The month of June in one post !

I really regret not posting more often, cos I have been busy during this month, so I have now spent a few hours tyding up photos and I know this post is gonna be long !

For start, June is my Wedding Anniversary month. On the 12 of June, 12 years ago:

We just couldnt celebrate it like every year, going out for a meal, it's 12 years on the 12th, come on ! So I booked a weekend away, in Youghal, Co Cork, kids included though.

On the day we arrived, we headed straight to Fota Wildlife Park. That place is amazing, it doesnt have as many animals as Dublin Zoo, but they are so tamed and so close to people that it's sooo worth it !!

Black Swan:

My beloved Giraffes, I was so close that I just wanted to pet them!


Hairy Monkeys:

Maras, which look like a cross between a rabbit and a deer:

The lazy kangaroo:


A walabi (I think):


Animals are so tamed that they would feed from your hand:

A Red Panda:


The pelicans are so funny, and so big, nearly the size of J !!

3 Mrs Peacocks:

That evening, we dropped by " The 100 Acre Woods " for dinner, all the family had had an input in the cooking, everything was deliciously prepared, and I had a chance to cuddle baby Roo !

Next day, on the day of our anniversary, we headed to Ballymaloe cookery school, we walked in the gardens, it's a beautiful place. I just wish that the day I win the lotto, to come back and do the full cookery course, just for the joy of it !

In the evening, DH and I had a romantic dinner at the hotel...Tigger kindly collected the girls and brought them back a few hours later. It was so relaxing to have a meal and conversation without interruptions...the restaurant was facing the beach. After the meal, we went for a walk at the beach, it was very romantic ! And we took this pic:

On the Sunday, after breakfast and a short visit to the beach, we visited Tigger at the Carboot sale, and just before we left, we took this pic:

And on our way home, we stopped by Cobh for lunch. We found this restaurant with a terrace facing the sea

We had a lovely weekend, weather was on our side ! it was a weekend to remember :o)

During the month of June, we also went to the Sheep Shiering Championships, I didnt bring my camera, but it was a small fair,not what I expected, but the shiering competitions was fun to watch though !!

We also went to "Bloom" It was a miserable day, it didnt stop raining !! but I enjoyed the day, even though didnt make much of the gardens exhibition.

Then, it was Father's day:

On the same day of the Kildare County Show. Other years I have entered the cakes competition, but this year I didnt. Some pics of the day, it was a very sunny day:

Alpacas.I see these guys every week, and I think they're mega cute.

A beared dragon, which I wasnt allowed to hold :o(

I have also been busy with a big order of cards and some personalised ones:

These are this year's teachers cards:

A LO in a canvas:

I have also been crochetting non stop, and I made these 2 blankets for my girls:

I'm now working on another blanket, and waiting on a delivery of lovely cotton wool for my next projects.

I've also been felting !!! made some scarves, and already sold my first 4 !! yipeee !! Im currently working on more felting projects...now that I can put aside for a little while the papercrafts :o)

It has taken hours to finish this post, blogger pic uploading has been acting up,Im not a happy bunny...well, actually, I am, cos this is the end of this post....

Next time, I will be posting pics of my feltmaking....


Kiki x

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Something to do during the World Cup !!

Celine Navarro is holding a Cyber Crop, 4 weeks/4 classes !! Just what we all need !

Check it out here.

PS: I will be back soon with all my recent makes !


Kiki x