Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Wedding Anniversary

Tomorrow is my 10th Wedding Anniversary ! :D And I made this card for my Husband. I also entered it in a card competition...I didnt win though !
It is a shaker style card, I have never done one, and the Hundred Thousands are real !
He will be getting his card tonight, because tomorrow we are flying to Costa Rica !!!!!! Well, we'll be flying into Madrid first, spend the night there, and then on Friday we take the 11 hour flight to Costa Rica...and this time our travelling time will be a lot shorter than usual. We used to go this way: Dublin-Amsterdam-Miami-Costa Rica, all in one day !!

I'm also relaxed about my daugther's tooth. She is fine. And I have got more reassurance that we'll be ok travelling tomorrow. All the better she will be seen in Costa Rica asap.

All my life I have grabbed the phone to ring a doctor for an appointment whenever I have ever needed to see one, and in Costa Rica you get an appointment within a few days, less than a week usually. But this concept of having to go to your GP, ask for a referral letter to a Specialist, sitting down and waiting for weeks or months for an appointment ! This is completely new and frustrating in my honest opinion. Things only get worse sometimes, as in my daughter's case, when nobody can do anything to help, and when you force the system to serve you as you deserve, they just let you down again :(.

Ireland is a lovely place to raise your children, I am very happy they are growing here, probably safer than in Costa Rica, but when any of us need the medical service, my feeth shake and my patience falls apart !!!

I won't be creating for a while, but I will pop in to say "Hi" while in Costa Rica, might share a picture or two !


Kiki x

Saturday, 7 June 2008

A quick card

After this week's mayhem,I had forgotten I had to have a card ready for the Birthday Club I'm in one of the Craft Forums I visit regularly.
The stamped image I dont know what make of stamps it is, one of my craft buddies sent it to me. Isn't that flamingo just gorgeous? :D I coloured her with my Letraset Tria markers...but I'm considering investing in Copics.

I usually don't make cards during the weekend, but I just felt like it today, I needed something to help me de-stress ! it only took me a few minutes to colour, cut and put together. My Husband is over tidying the house LOL !! that's his way to de-stress...lucky me !!

Friday, 6 June 2008

Father's day cards, Polly Pockets & appaling health system !

During this week I have been to "Hell" ! In other words,I have been dealing with the imcompetence of the Irish Health System (if any).
My daughter's tooth problem hasn't been resolved to this day. The day I thought things were gonna get sorted, they left me in Limbo...quite frustrating !!! But since I wasn't born here and I don't put up with it, I fought untill I got answers !!

My daughter needs to have a tooth extracted to remove the cause of her infection/abcess. The Health System is not designed to care for the teeth of children younger than 7,8 or even 9 years old ! There are not resources nor infraestructure. The dentists dealing with children are not trained as Children's dentists.

And from going to one place to another, the only option to solve the problem is to have a baby tooth extracted under General Anaesthetic !!! Jeez !! not even in a third World Country you ever hear such nonsense !!! They give you this leaflet telling you the risks of a GA, such as :

"Important: As with all operations involving a general anaesthetic,complications may occur during or after the tooth extraction.The risk is very small but the outcome may be extremedely serious."

I feel sorry for the people who believe this is the only way to do such a small procedure, unjustifiable enough under GA.

I rang my daughter's dentist in Costa Rica and she was speechless too !! She told me not to panic.We are heading to Costa Rica next week, and my daughter will be seen by her dentist the day after we arrive. I am taking a small risk of her cheek getting swollen again,but the dentist says she will be ok after the agressive dose of antibiotics my daughter recieved at the hospital.

It is ironic how come this country has been living an economic boom over the last few years, "The Celtic Tiger" and the Health System is such a disaster !!

I made Father's Day cards this week, in between rushing here and there, ringing X, Y and Z person looking for answers!

The "Dad" card I can't take credit for originality, I got inspired by a card made by the talented Julia Stainton.

Note: My daughters thought the mini studio looked cool,and wanted their Polly Pockets to be photographed too !! LOL


Kiki x

Monday, 2 June 2008

Busy Today !

I'm a bit under pressure this week to get some Father's Day cards done. At least I did 3 orders today. One was a Christening card but I didn't take a picture because it's of a style I use a lot, the one with the Christening robe. I also had to make a Wedding card, and then again, same old..but i did take a picture of than one ! And the last one was a Birthday card; I didnt have a clue how I was gonna put it together, it just happened !! LOL !!

I used my new studio. I need to learn a bit how to use the lights properly and it would be better, I think, to take the pictures during the day rather than at night when I have an extra light !

My Little Princess is better. She bouced and bouced Sat & Sun; but today she was a bit down and with a bit of high temperature, not good. She will be seen tomorrow morning by the dentist and hopefully he will make her better for good.


Kiki x