Monday, 2 June 2008

Busy Today !

I'm a bit under pressure this week to get some Father's Day cards done. At least I did 3 orders today. One was a Christening card but I didn't take a picture because it's of a style I use a lot, the one with the Christening robe. I also had to make a Wedding card, and then again, same old..but i did take a picture of than one ! And the last one was a Birthday card; I didnt have a clue how I was gonna put it together, it just happened !! LOL !!

I used my new studio. I need to learn a bit how to use the lights properly and it would be better, I think, to take the pictures during the day rather than at night when I have an extra light !

My Little Princess is better. She bouced and bouced Sat & Sun; but today she was a bit down and with a bit of high temperature, not good. She will be seen tomorrow morning by the dentist and hopefully he will make her better for good.


Kiki x


  1. I like the way you've layered the different flower in between the two hydrangeas - that is something I should try.
    Hope all goes well at the dentist this morning.

  2. Love this Birthday card Kiki - remember the card you sent to me? What's the punch that makes the little notch for the ribbon? Been desperately looking but not found one.