Friday, 6 June 2008

Father's day cards, Polly Pockets & appaling health system !

During this week I have been to "Hell" ! In other words,I have been dealing with the imcompetence of the Irish Health System (if any).
My daughter's tooth problem hasn't been resolved to this day. The day I thought things were gonna get sorted, they left me in Limbo...quite frustrating !!! But since I wasn't born here and I don't put up with it, I fought untill I got answers !!

My daughter needs to have a tooth extracted to remove the cause of her infection/abcess. The Health System is not designed to care for the teeth of children younger than 7,8 or even 9 years old ! There are not resources nor infraestructure. The dentists dealing with children are not trained as Children's dentists.

And from going to one place to another, the only option to solve the problem is to have a baby tooth extracted under General Anaesthetic !!! Jeez !! not even in a third World Country you ever hear such nonsense !!! They give you this leaflet telling you the risks of a GA, such as :

"Important: As with all operations involving a general anaesthetic,complications may occur during or after the tooth extraction.The risk is very small but the outcome may be extremedely serious."

I feel sorry for the people who believe this is the only way to do such a small procedure, unjustifiable enough under GA.

I rang my daughter's dentist in Costa Rica and she was speechless too !! She told me not to panic.We are heading to Costa Rica next week, and my daughter will be seen by her dentist the day after we arrive. I am taking a small risk of her cheek getting swollen again,but the dentist says she will be ok after the agressive dose of antibiotics my daughter recieved at the hospital.

It is ironic how come this country has been living an economic boom over the last few years, "The Celtic Tiger" and the Health System is such a disaster !!

I made Father's Day cards this week, in between rushing here and there, ringing X, Y and Z person looking for answers!

The "Dad" card I can't take credit for originality, I got inspired by a card made by the talented Julia Stainton.

Note: My daughters thought the mini studio looked cool,and wanted their Polly Pockets to be photographed too !! LOL


Kiki x

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  1. Polly Pockets are gorgeous. I hope DD's tooth get sorted out soon, what a nightmare!