Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Christening Card

I have been all day thinking/getting things together for that special wedding card. Then I got a phone call asking for a Christening card for Friday. I didnt have to think about that one, just used the same layout I have used in the past :o) ; I had no time to "think" how I was gonna put it together anyway.
The main card I used it's called Stardream Opal, which I get it from Daintree it has a lovely pearl metallic shimmer. And the little robe I get it from Craft Creations
Tomorrow I'll be putting together the Wedding one. It will be quite a elaborated one !

Cya tomorrow.

Kiki x

Tuesday, 29 April 2008

1st Holy Communion & Confirmation Cards

I made these today. Since it is the norm in Ireland to give money for Holy Communions and Confirmations, I decided to make the handbag with the card, so I just pop the money & card in the handbag.

These are for my Daughter's friend Rebecca and for our niece Zoe. May is the month for Communions and Confirmations around here.

I would had prefered to use gold instead of silver, but (it might sound silly I know) but I didnt have a thingie for closing the handbags in gold LOL !!! I need to visit more hadwares to finally find the gold ones !! The swirly stamps are Rhonna Farrer's. And the idea of the paperbag handbag I got it from Erika Martin's tutorials.

I got a phone call today asking for a Wedding card...somebody else had already asked for a Wedding card for the same couple...I have to use blue, and I have to come up with 2 different designs....I also have to make 2 Happy 1st B-day cards for the same baby...have to put on my thinking cap !!

May is already looking busy....but hey ! it's my hobby and I love it !!

Kiki x

PS: Thanks for the comments :o)

Monday, 28 April 2008

High School Musical Card

I never thought I was gonna manage to make this card has been on my head, and it just popped out ! LOL !! It is for my eldest daughter's birthday next week. She hasn't seen it...but she did mention she wanted a High School Musical card...and I knew I couldn't put only one picture, so I came with this idea. Hope she likes it :o)


Kiki x

At long last !!

I have been very reluctant on creating a Blog, but I started to feel I was falling behind had no choice in the end.

It has been easier than I thought to set this blog up, thank God. And I'm sure I will be updating it often.

I have decided this will be a mainly crafty blog...we'll see if I can stick to that :o)

I called it : Kiki Pura Vida Papercrafts cos it had to include "something" that would always remind me where I come from. "Pura Vida" is a saying in Costa Rica, when somebody asks "how are you?" you reply : "Pura Vida !" (literarily means Pure Life) but it really means Im Super !! it's a very positive reply...and I like that !!! Or when you're having a conversation with somebody, and the other person says "bye, cya later" you reply "Cya, Pura Vida".

This week I'll be busy making cards for friends and orders...I'll be posting watch this space !!

Hope you like my new blog...suggestions welcome !!

Kiki x