Tuesday, 29 April 2008

1st Holy Communion & Confirmation Cards

I made these today. Since it is the norm in Ireland to give money for Holy Communions and Confirmations, I decided to make the handbag with the card, so I just pop the money & card in the handbag.

These are for my Daughter's friend Rebecca and for our niece Zoe. May is the month for Communions and Confirmations around here.

I would had prefered to use gold instead of silver, but (it might sound silly I know) but I didnt have a thingie for closing the handbags in gold LOL !!! I need to visit more hadwares to finally find the gold ones !! The swirly stamps are Rhonna Farrer's. And the idea of the paperbag handbag I got it from Erika Martin's tutorials.

I got a phone call today asking for a Wedding card...somebody else had already asked for a Wedding card for the same couple...I have to use blue, and I have to come up with 2 different designs....I also have to make 2 Happy 1st B-day cards for the same baby...have to put on my thinking cap !!

May is already looking busy....but hey ! it's my hobby and I love it !!

Kiki x

PS: Thanks for the comments :o)


  1. welcome to blogland kiki!!
    im delighted you have a blog, i can now view your wonderful work anytime!!

  2. HI Kiki,
    SO glad to see you have a blog now! I love your creations, they are so nicely finished and very professional looking! Your HSM card is fab - I bet your DD will be thrilled with it!
    I agree with Aine, it's great we can take a peek here and view your work anytime! I've bookmarked you now :)

  3. Welcome to Blogland :-)
    It was fantastic to see you on Friday, I hope it isn't as long before we meet again.
    I have to agree with Gertie too, we are lucky to have somewhere to drool over your work :-)

  4. Kiki, WRMK do an antique brass hardware set which isn't quite gold but not far off. I got mine from Frantic Stamper. But also, when I needed a silver buckle the other day, I sprayed my pewter with one of those cans of paint that you get at Christmas, and it came out really well. You could always ask your DH to do the spraying if the fumes bother you :D