Monday, 28 April 2008

At long last !!

I have been very reluctant on creating a Blog, but I started to feel I was falling behind had no choice in the end.

It has been easier than I thought to set this blog up, thank God. And I'm sure I will be updating it often.

I have decided this will be a mainly crafty blog...we'll see if I can stick to that :o)

I called it : Kiki Pura Vida Papercrafts cos it had to include "something" that would always remind me where I come from. "Pura Vida" is a saying in Costa Rica, when somebody asks "how are you?" you reply : "Pura Vida !" (literarily means Pure Life) but it really means Im Super !! it's a very positive reply...and I like that !!! Or when you're having a conversation with somebody, and the other person says "bye, cya later" you reply "Cya, Pura Vida".

This week I'll be busy making cards for friends and orders...I'll be posting watch this space !!

Hope you like my new blog...suggestions welcome !!

Kiki x


  1. I was thinking I hadn't seen a blog-link in your signature before.
    Another one to add to Google Reader :D

  2. Kiki your blog looks great, LOVE the name and the meaning behind it, can't wait to see your fabulous work (I@m a big fan of yours) :-)

  3. Hey Kiki - you finally succumbed! Welcome to bloggerland. Looking forward to seeing all of your wonderful creations!