Tuesday, 9 June 2009

I'm still here !!

It might look as if I have been MIA, but no, I am still around, and busy as usual.

Today I made a Father's Day card for Hubs, an Anniversary card, a Wedding card and a Birthday card !! I will be posting photos soon; need still to buy a new buld for one of my mini studio lights.

I finally finished the 70 card order and I have already spent the dosh !! So, Im expecting a big box from Papertrey Ink packed full of goodies !!!!

Also, I have been busy on another project, a crochet blanket !!! Well, I saw a lovely crochet blanket on Anita Mundt's personal blog :

I'm a self taught crocheter (is that word right?) I can only make flowers :o) but I googled and I found a great tutorial in You Tube. And I am hooked !!!
I only had baby colour yarn, so decided not to be too adventurous and do first a baby blanket with what I have, if it looks good, I will make a bigger one with brighter colours.

Check back soon for photos.

Kiki x

PS: Dianne, thanks for the award, have to put it up too :o)

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  1. No wonder you have been mia - OMG have you been busy or what!!! think you deserve to take a break now!