Thursday, 18 June 2009

Anniversary Card & Dream Designs Kit

I forgot during the weekend to replace the buld for my mini studio light. It is a common spotlight, but with a bit of blue tint. Not available at supermarkets, but at hardware stores; I was in B&Q on Saturday and completely forgot to buy the buld !! Anyway, I tried today the mini studio without lights, and it's fine, I suppose it needs the lights when there is no good natural light.

Last Friday we celebrated our 11th Wedding Anniversary !! and here's the card I made for hubs:

And since I've been having a shopping spree lately, I purchased a few kits from Beatriz Jennings at Dream Designs since I want to try another cardmaking style. My order arrived in less than a week !! I meant to sit down and play all day with it, but I was interrupted 100 times !! the doorbell, the phone, the girls, etc !!!
Finally after dinner last night, sat down, took out the Father's day kit and in a couple of hours I made these cards:

The kit is small, I mean, paper is 6x6, but packed full of goodness ! it came with 3 cards, but I was able to make 5!! I used it to make male Happy Birthday instead of Father's Day cos I had F'sD cards made already.

Heading to the Postal Sort Office in a few mins. I had ordered some Making Memories acrylic paints, my first choice in acrylic paints, for a class Im going on Saturday. The parcel was attempted delivery 2 days ago, I was out but the Postman left a note. I dropped into the SO yesterday and they coulndt find it, said it was probably still in the van, and promised me to deliver it in the afternoon, but it didnt happen. So Im heading there again....hope they havent lost it !!!!!!!


Kiki x


  1. those cards are gorgeous.nice to try something different and be pleased with the result.

  2. Gorgeous work Kiki :)
    Great blog too! Loking forward to following it!
    ('s miniflan!) x