Wednesday, 20 May 2009

1st Holy Communion

Thank God the day is over !! phew !!

We had about 50 people for lunch on the day, and unfortunately the weather was very bad, so kids had to stay inside most of the time. I had prepared tons of food...and I was glad to hear people were full !!

So, here's my Princess on her special day:

With both sets of grandparents; quite an unusual ocassion !

The cake, which I baked and decorated, and was delish !! :o)

I still have to take a pic of the card I made for her. Things here with my parents have been hectic, we are out everyday.

I still have to finish a 70 cards order!!


Kiki x


  1. She looks so so beautiful. I love the simplicity of her dress - its suits her.

    The cake - WOW - I love that too!!

    Hope you all had a great day, and are enjoying your parents visit.

  2. Your Princess does indeed look beautiful Kiki. And WOW that cake looks amazing, well done you!!.
    Lovely photo's.Hope you are enjoying the time with your family Kiki

  3. Both DDs look gorgeous. Looking at the 1st photo, I realized how much DD1 looks likes S and DD2 like you.

    Congratulations to you all!!!

  4. Lovely photos and proud moments too. I have to say I'm very impressed with the cake too. Hope you are enjoying your parents visit. take care.xx

  5. She is stunning, so glad she had a great day and that cake3 looks devine!

  6. Wow Kiki the cake is amazing! Your dd's look beautiful esp marie Claire-must have been great to have your family there for the celebrations!