Thursday, 1 May 2008

Wedding Card # 1

Finally got it together !
I was asked to make this card using blue because this couple live and are getting married in Greece.
This card is from the mother of the bride...she said to me "make it very nice because she's my only daughter". So with that in mind, I knew I had to make an outstanding card LOL !!

I had never done an A5 trifold, but since I found out that the nice heavy cardstock I get at my local print shop comes in A2, I had to give it a go !

I had to google "Greek Blue" to have an idea of what sort of blue I was meant to use. Both these shades of blue seem to be popular, even together; and that's why I used them.

The lovely poem I put inside (thanks to google) printed it on acetate, so it looks really sleek.

The inside blank is for the mother to write on it.

Fingers crossed she's gonna like it !

I have to make another Wedding card for the same couple. A friend of theirs asked for it. Will give it a go tomorrow. It will be a normal A5 card though.


Kiki x


  1. A stunning card Kiki!! I am sure that not only will the mother be delighted but the bride will be too! Well Done!

  2. Welcome to blogland Kiki. Fabby work as always. Looking forward to seeing all your lovely creations in one place!!

  3. That is a beautiful card, Kiki. They are going to be amazed and delighted with it. Great to see your work and your blog!!

    Julie M

  4. thats a work of art kiki, that card will be ooohhhh and ahhhhed at with delight! Well done!

  5. OMG Kiki that is stunning-both the Mother and Daughter wil be blown away by it :-)