Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Baptism, Birthday & Prince Antonio !

Hi, I haven't been able to finish the rest of the mini books cos I have been busy with card orders. These 2 are for a friend who is having her 2 daughters baptised on Sunday:

This card is for a litle lady in Norway who is gonna be 1 ! I have to make her another card and another more for her Granny Mona:

And this is Prince Antonio minding the animals, he is quite busy at the moment. He also has to go to work, he works in a restaurant at night. He is having a day off tomorrow. And while I was taking the pics of my cards, he dropped by for a quick photo session !! LOL !


Kiki x

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  1. Something over 120 posts showing up in Google reader, so I am more catching up than commenting. Had to say how much I really liked the waterfall card - it works great with the verse on the wide band like that. And what is Carlos's animal that looks a bit like a chocolate point Siamese cat??
    Thanks for the lovely card and flowers :-).