Thursday, 20 November 2008

Some Christmas Cards

I finally finished a batch of Christmas cards for selling. I put them in packs of 6 and decided to put a pic of them a on the back of each pack, so people dont have to open it to see what the rest of the cards look like, this is the pic:


The snow scene is not very clear, but it's lovely, I put glitter in some places.

Yesterday I got a delivery of stamps, from an UK company which is gonna become my next favourite, I can't wait to make some cards with those stamps. I will be posting them here and telling you all about'll fall in love with them too, Im sure. Watch this space !!!


Kiki x
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  1. Your cards are beautiful Kiki ^ Wow all those albums look fab. You have been busy, well done on them all!!!

  2. Curious now to see what your next favourite stamp company is :D.
    I just love that tree card, I think it is so lovely.