Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Busy Making Handmade Presents !

A friend asked me a week ago to make her some handmade presents for her family, and finally I finished them all today !!! A lot of the items I made have photos, and since they are not my children, I smudged the faces.

6 2009 diaries:

2 Wallets for calendars:

A LO in a canvas:

Another LO in canvas:

An altered Frame:

8 Fridge Magnets with calendar and photo, and when the year is over, the photo detaches and is a fridge magnet too:

I think I have finished papercrafting for a while. Tomorrow I will be making chocolates for the x-mas tree with the girls, and during the weekend I will be baking hundreds of x-mas biccies !!!

Watch this space for yummy pictures !!!


Kiki x


  1. WOW Kiki, you sure have been busy and still more to do. Don't know how you manage it all!! They are all excellent and I am sure everyone will love them.

  2. I found your blog while searching "making chocolates" online. I think you and your readers may be interested in They sell a DVD on how to make gourmet dipped chocolates

  3. Fantastic presents Kiki...I have left you an award over on my blog =0)

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  5. Ohhh Kiki i love your diaries,the canvas's are just devine :):)
    The wallets,the fridge magnets ,everything is just so awesome.
    I have a lot of baking to do over the next few days also sigh!!!!