Friday, 17 April 2009

Mini Album to make with 8-9 year old girls !

I put a simple mini album to do at my eldest daughter's birthday. She decided she only wanted to invite her girlfriends from school, cousins and best friend, 12 girls in total. So the plan is to put some music and let them dance !! while I'll be taking photos of them to print there and then. I will give them a kit with everything they need and the pics to add, of themselves.

So here's the album they'll be making:

I have all cardstock cut to size, albums scored, quotes printed and cut, etc...just have to put the kits together. Im allowing 1-1/2 hrs to do the album. They will be given everything already pre-cut, they only have to assembly it, so hopefully Im allowing more time than needed.


Kiki x


  1. Wow, Kiki - you are a supermum!!! What a fantastic idea - and to have the kits all assembled is absolutely the right way to organise it. Look forward to hearing how it all goes.


  2. Brilliant idea - and your well organised too. Will be watching with interest to see how this goes for you!

    You wont need party bags for these girls going home.

  3. Oh Wow!!!!!!!

    Can I be a 8 or 9 again and come along.

    DD is 7 this year - can see lots of this kind of thing ahead.

    Your DD's are so lucky to have talented organised Mom like you