Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Remember me?

It has been over a month since the last time I blogged...well...things have been a bit rocky. Craftwise, Im still busy, still working as much as I can on getting ready for next month's craft fair...I won't be able to have ready as many items as I had initially planned on doing, but still, I have made some nice bits. Will post pics later.

Over the last 5 months I have been suffering from aches and pains all over !! I have felt completely run down...I spent the summer in a "bubble" literally, I couldn't bring myself up for doing anything...the highlight of the summer was to visit the zoo! only the Zoo !

And now...with the impending arrival of the winter, I knew things would only get worse. So, about a month ago, I decided it was time to feel better, to work on myself...I started aerobics, made myself to bring the girls swimming more often, so I can have a swim too, and recently, I joined a yoga class...gosh ! why I didnt do enough research before I joined, it's not easy !! it's not what I thought...going for a bit of relaxation !!! LOL !! But after the 2nd class, I felt a renewed person! had a great day after !!!! and 2 weeks ago I wasnt expecting to say this, but actually, Im looking forward to tonite's class !! Thanks Paul !!

Anyway...I also did a lot of research on my aches and can be a great doctor ! LOL ! and leaving aside all of the cancers I might be suffering from (according to google) I narrowed my symptoms down to be Fibromyalgia. So, loaded with info, I went to see my GP...I wasn't expecting her to diagnose me, that diagnose can only be done by a Rheumatologist, I went to ask her to refer me to a Rheumathologist. I was explaining to her my symptoms, I had told her I had "studied" my pains, which are not easy to describe, but my right shoulder & neck were very very sore, making my life miserable ! along with a pain in my left foot/ankle, which was the reason I avoided walking too much. I am convinced the pains are not at the joint per se, but around it, which means muscles and tendons. The rest of the body feels sore often, but the other pains are there ALL the time.

She inmediately said "Fibromyalgia", I didn't think she was very familiar with it, but to my surprise, she was (fair play!!) she knew where the tender points are and did the test, and yes, she confirmed it. So, I have started treatment...From January I decided this year was a "drugs" free year, weaned myself of antidepressants and any other chemical I dont need inside my body...but unfortunately, I need to be able to function, so reluctantly I am back on the antidepressants :o( along with antiinflamatories :o( maybe I will be able to "live" without them again if I keep working on myself a bit more..hope so.

In the meantime, I will be doing more reseach on Fibromyalgia, recent discoveries, is a very strange syndrome (it's not an illness) not very well known and not specific known cure either.

I always think that the answers to feel better relies in our own bodies...and without knowing a while ago what was happening to me, I took the decision to start "moving", whatever I was suffering from, I had to "move, move it", so I went back to aerobics (which are light, perfect for me), swimming, which I felt relieving, and yoga, to help the mind too...and all these are reccomended to Fibromyalgia sufferers !! I was surprised when I read that.

I hardly ever post personal stuff in my blog...but I know some of my crafty friends also suffer from FM, so any advice is welcome!

Recently, I made some cards to order...which by the way, some of them I had to make at short notice, I felt under preassure, and even though I find it hard to say "no" I won't be taking orders with less than 2 weeks from now on. My cards are my art, my creation, and I hate hate hate to rush them !! it takes a few days of "thinking" how Im gonna put together a card, what colours Im gonna use,I might need to order card, or papers, or embellishments, short notice means either repeat an old style, or get it out of the way asap, and I hate to have to do that...I get no enjoyment that way.

These 2 cards are for a Wedding on Halloween day :
I actually loved using these non traditional colours

Another Wedding card...not for Halloween, but again, not the tradtional "silver" or "gold" emmhhhh...I ran out of the "silver and gold" card ! hehehe.

These 2 were put together in a rush:
But still, think they turn out ok

I havent' done a baby card in a while...delighted how this one turned out:


Kiki x

PS: On my next post...I will be adding pics of our trip to Eurodisney !!! yipeee !


  1. Sorry to hear you haven't been well. You sound so positive about your diagnosis and you sound like you're really helping yourself to get well again! Hope your health continues to improve and enjoy your well deserved break in Disney xx

  2. :( Sorry to hear you've been diagnosed with FM !!!!! I've suffered with that for about 12 years now and it sucks - Hopefully you will have more "good" days then "bad" ones --{{{{HUGS}}}}
    have fun at Disney :)

  3. Kiki I am so sorry to hear you have been suffering but I totally admire your positive attitude. I was diagnosed with FM 18mths ago too - surprising how many people do have it.
    Your card are wonderful as ever Kiki