Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Altered Items

Well, the Christmas Fair didnt go as planned :o( but at least Im selling my stuff, slowly but it's going, like every Christmas :o)

This year Im planning on taking a break just before and after Christmas from all the mayhem ! I am not even making x-mas biccies, after nearly 20 years or making them every year ! I'll bake some cakes instead, quicker (non christmas batter though!). I really need a break from crafting, I want to spend those days with my family & friends...and already have some activities lined up.

For the Teachers this year, they're not getting a fully handmade present, only the outside will be handmade LOL !. And this is it:

A friend asked me if I could Alter some notebooks for her to give as presents:

I have to admit that Altered Art is my number one Favourite...dunno why, but to see the final product gives me great satisfaction ! (more than cardmaking !)


Kiki x


  1. WOW kiki the teachers are really lucky & love the books.
    Hope you, hubby & the girls have a fantastic christmas.

  2. Great altered notebooks, wishing you a happy new year.