Monday, 4 October 2010

More Cards & Scarves

These are my recent card makes:

For a Junior Cert results

For a man who works in Coca Cola....and there seems to be something "new" brewing at the Coca Cola concentrates plant...mmmmm...I wonder what could it be?? a new flavour maybe?

For a Christening in OZ:

These 2 retirement cards have a special significance for the receivers, they both have work raising funds for orphanages in Zambia, hence the African map with the highlighted Zambia, they are both teachers, Vonnie is into music and once had an idea for a raffle to use cut up straws with a paper inside with a prize or not, so I used the same idea but wrote a funny message inside. Brid is into flower arrangements and she too had an idea for a quick raffle, to put a happy or sad face into envelopes, the happy face would win a prize, so I included the envelope and there is s happy face inside.

My latest scarves:

This will be for one of my girls school teachers for x-mas, it's crocheted using Noro Sock yarn, it was a strange pattern, but turns out lovely

This one was meant to be for the other teacher, but I love it, so Im keeping's crocheted using Noro Silk (I absolutely love the colours)

This last one is my pride and joy, cos I dyed the yarn myself, this is gonna be my everyday scarf.

I have a wedding card to do, and then I'll be tackling the x-mas cards, this time earlier, at last ! And after that, I'll be starting my x-mas for sale projects.


KIki x

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