Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Photos from Costa Rica !

Helloooo !!!!

Things have been a bit hectic from the time I set foot on the first plane !! I got sick all the way !! My gut got emptied...put it that way !!! It lasted 5 days and I lost 6 lbs !!

Dental appointments have been great, my youngest got her extraction in the end, the infection was still there and it was the best course of action. It was VERY quick. Brought my eldest to see an Orthodontist (braces' dentist) yesterday, and her permanent teeth won't have space to grow, so he reccomended 4 teeth extraction, which were done this morning under local anaesthetics, it was also very quick and not a bother at all !!! Now, I need to find an Orthodontist in Ireland, tough job I believe !!

They have both been to the Children's Ophtalmologist and got a new set of glasses. My youngest was still waiting in Ireland for her appointment, and from that appointment it would had taken not less than 6 months to get her first set of glasses, and over here she was seen on a Tuesday and got her glasses on Thursday...wayyy toooo efficient !!

Last week we spent it at the beach...but I got sick over the first days (such a bad luck !!) I had a throat infection and was on antibiotics. But had a series of strange events too:

First, I got sunburnt on my front side on the first day. I dont trust the Carrot Hawaiian Tropic lotion anymore :o( it washed out in the pool. I was sore and had to use loads of Aloe Gel.

Second, as I felt better, I spent the days on a lounger reading a very entertaining book "Confessions of a Demented Housewife" by Niamh Greene.

I was sitting next to a Palm tree with overgrown roots, and an Iguana has made its home of it. Iguanas usually avoid people, but the ones at this resort are completely domesticated. I was quite ok being so close to it, I'm not afraid in any way. I think the one next to me is a male (spikes in its back). They eat leftovers left by people who eat around the pool, we fed them a couple of times.
Then, all of a sudden I felt "something" had landed on my head !!! initially thought it was a bird, but as I shaked my head, I realised it was the Iguana !!!!! He had jumped to the wrong side !!!! there were "girl" Iguanas looking for leftovers and he wasn't sharing !!! I busted in laugh !!! what else could I do !! I wasnt afraid in any way. He then went back to its original rest place, see in the pic below :

And one of the "girls" looking for food:

And third: As I was sunbathing on the last day, on my belly, trying to match the burnt front, I felt something "warm" fell on my back, I got up and run to ask my husband what it was ??? and it was bird poo !!!! My sister says it is good luck...but since I'm not supersticious, does that count, I wonder...

The gils enjoyed themselves at the beach a lot !! My eldest is an innate swimmer !! and she got infatuated by the coconuts hanging from the palm trees (???).

This is the resort's landmark, the Pier:

A Favourite Photo: my eldest at the beach


Kiki x


  1. Costa Rica looks lovely and by finding this blog I now know the quickest way to get there :)

    Glad you had a nice time, that iguana though, oh dear.

    Nice cards!

  2. Great to see the photos, Kiki! You look happy and relaxed. And the photos are great, my favourite is of DD1 with the coconut.

  3. Kiki you look great relaxing with your book ( I couldnt cope with the Iguanas though ) =0)Love all your photos and glad your DDs are sorted with the Dentist.Enjoy the rest of your holiday.

  4. Great photo...looks like you are all having a great time :-)

  5. Kiki There is an award on my blog for you =0)