Monday, 14 July 2008

Wedding Anniversary !

Well, the main reason we went to Costa Rica was to take part in my parents 50th Wedding Anniversary celebration. It was held on July 5th, which was exactly 50 years later. I have to mention that my Dad bought my Mum an engagement ring as her present, she never got one 50 years ago !

Traditionally in Costa Rica, the night before the wedding, the groom arrives at the bride's house and brings a Serenade (Mariachis, trios, etc). So this time my brother, sisters and myself organised a Serenade for our parents. We got a "Trio" of guitar players/singers, they played my Parents favourite songs. It was a surprise for them.

Listening to the "Trio"

They renewed their vows:

Photos at the party:

Well, we left Costa Rica last Friday, arrived in Ireland Saturday's such a long haul !! Jet lag is killing us !! but I can't wait to go back to my cards !! I bought a few bits and pieces, mainly unusual stuff and loads of ribbons and paper bags! I didn't go wild craft shopping cos I had bought new stamps & other bits before I left, that I can't wait to put to a good use !!


Kiki x


  1. Great to see your photos Kiki your mam and Dad look fantastic and you your DH and girls,you look stunning in your dress.

  2. OMG, Kiki, you look fantastic, the colour of your dress is FAB!!
    Parents looked as nervous as if it was their first time, but then seemed to relax. Love your Mams dress too. And having seen the invites you made, they totally fitted in with the theme/colour of everything.

  3. Great pics! I just nominated you for the Brillant Blog award! (See it on my blog) :)

  4. Kiki, great photos!!! It is so nice to see a couple 50 years married.

    You look gorgeous in your dress, and with your DH and the girls it is a handsome family.

  5. Kiki they are lovely photo's, thank your for sharing them. Looks like a fab time was had by all! & congrats to your Parents!!
    I have just given you an award. Check out my blog & see!