Thursday, 21 August 2008

Wedding & 21st B-day Cards

OMG, what a day I have had !!! I was in the shower this morning when my house alarm went off, I knew one of my daughters had just opened the door, and I assumed she had pressed a button from the alarm panel !! I couldnt get out of the shower, I was more afraid to fall down the stairs all wet, than dealing with the consequences !! I had to ask my eldest daughter to desactivate the alarm, that took a while. And of course I had missed calls from the monitoring company, etc...and to cut a long story short, a few mins later the Police arrived at my door !! I was at least dressed by then !! I apologised 100 times and I felt it wasnt enough, I felt terrible wasting police time on a false alarm !!

And a while ago I had the alarm technician taking a look and finding out how was the alarm activated. We couldnt figure out, until we asked my 5 year old to explain what had she touched, and the little clever monkey had used my key fob !!! Im sure she won't do it again though.

Well, and to make me feel better, after all the mayhem and embarrasment, I ordered some bits and pieces from Papertrey Ink and my excuses are:

1. I deserve a bit of retail therapy to help me relax (that never fails !!)
2. I need these bits for the x-mas presents I'm gonna make :D

I made these cards yesterday:

This couple is getting married next month. This is the 4th card I make for them.


Kiki x


  1. Another Greek card? The silver and blues are lovely, especially those Primas.
    Laughing, and sympathising, with your alarm incident. When I was working in Dalkey, I once set the alarm off. Now, I knew there were bits of the house I wasn't meant to go to, but the freezer was in the cellar and I didn't know the cellar door was alarmed. And the phone-line was taken over by the alarm so I couldn't ring ANYONE - pre-mobile days. So of course soon enough the GardaĆ­ rolled up, and I had to explain. And the alarm stayed going off till the gardener arrived. So boy, you have my sympathies. Hope your retail therapy restored your balance :D.

  2. That is the best excuse to order stash KIKI! Inspirational!!! Gald it was only a false alarm!