Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Belfast !

Sorry for being MIA, but I have been busy craftwise. I've been putting together sets of cards for presents and maybe to sell some too. I'll be putting 10 variety cards & envelopes in a lovely box, I'm half way making them though :D

Anyway, in the meantime, I will post some pics from Belfast.We were there over the weekend, and I can't wait to go again ! there is sooo much I want to see !!!

Pics of my girls on the "Hop On Hop Off" bus:
(after visiting the Disney Store)

This is a mini version of the Big Ben:

This is the place where the Titanic was built. Many other huge ships were built here too. These yellow cranes have become Belfast landmarks:

A mural about the Titanic:

There are a lot of murals all around the city, unfortunately I didnt get a chance to photograph them all. Some of the violent ones are being painted over with more positive images.

I felt I was in another country but within the same country :D different currency, different flag, different shops, roads, etc... It was quite nice. We visited friends whose hospitality was top notch !!

Im sure we will be back again soon !!


Kiki x


  1. Looks like the girls had lots of fun!

  2. Belfast is great ..and its brilliant that all the troubles are behind us now. There was a time when you just wouldn't go up there.

    I have been five times this year - mainly to Ikea. But you really have to take the girls to W5 - it is simply one of the best places in the whole of the isle of Ireland to bring kids to - and the adults will love it too!