Monday, 29 September 2008

Geocaching !

We had heard sooo much about geocaching but never got around to start doing it. It was fun !!! we decided to go for an "easy" one, but it took us a while to find it, I wasn't gonna give up though. We left a Costa Rican coin in, and took a small wooden Danish flag, which will be part of a mini album at some stage :D

Our first find !!!

The cache was on the grounds of this lovely church

If you haven't tried Geocaching, I highly reccomend it !!It's free, it's a family day out, we do some excercise and bring the dog for a walk at the same time !!! You need a SatNav or a GPS. There are some caches in Costa Rica too :D Check it out :

Then we headed for a walk to Glendalough, Co Wicklow.
We walked an hour and a half, the girls got very tired, and the dog was fit for nothing for the rest of the day !

We are heading next weekend to find 2 more caches !!!


Kiki x


  1. Some great photos there, Kiki. Lovely to see Elsie too - I like that picture of her on the stump. Even looks as if you had good weather - most of my visits to Glenadalough I associate with rain, what a surprise!!

  2. Looks like lots of fun, Kiki!!! and the photos are great.

    BTW, where was your satnav when you were looking for ENRG? :-)

  3. Geocaching can be additive! Glad you enjoyed it. Great pics!

  4. Glad to hear you are enjoying your geocaching!! I recognise that cache, we found it too!!