Friday, 12 March 2010

Cards & Crochet

I have been the worst blogger in the world...I have no excuse ! But in a way I havent been very crafty active lately...but I do have some cards to show you...let's start with the Valentine's card I made for Hubbie:

Then, I was a asked to make:
2 Baby Cards:

2 Birthday Cards:

And a New Home Card:
All the images make sense to the recieptient :o) And the person who ordered this card loved it that much that paid me double for it !!!

Over the next few days, I have to make a 50th Birthday male card, and put together J's Birthday party invitations.

BUT, I have been busy crochetting !! Im completely hooked !!!! (no pun intended !!) I have been getting patterns online, buying them in Etsy and You Tube'ing stitches !! I made J a lovely hat, but turned out too small, so I made her another one...then a scarf ! then I made these:

And Im currently working on this:

Got the pattern from this blog: Attic24

And I have been soooo sick of being sick !! a few weeks ago I had something like a headcold/sinus, my ears were blocked and I was very close to bang my head against the walls !!! Then I got better....but last Sunday we went for a swim, and I felt water had gone into my nose, even though I wear a nose plug and ear plugs ! and on Monday, this sinus thingie started again ! on Tuesday I couldnt get out of bed, I had a bit of temperature but my whole body was in pain ! I didnt bring the girls to school, and spent nearly the entire day in bed !!! I have taken a cocktail of meds and hoping to get better asap, but I realise now that my swimming days are over ! that *&%$^£ swimming pool water is overly chlorinated and I cant stand strong chemicals :o( Im now struggling with an earache and sore throat, apart from the sinus congestion..not funny at all !


KIki x

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